Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Note to self: check points before eating!

Today was a more leisurely day. We finished going dogs by 1:00 and I had the afternoon to relax.... and think... and begin to stress about money and work.  By evening I enjoyed some time with my children but the cravings were difficult to keep at bay.  I overate again, I was right on target until dinner.  I made the mistake of not checking the points on the corn muffins before I ate them.  Then there was the nice dessert of angel food cake, strawberries, and whipped cream with splenda. By the end, I'd over shot by 10 pts.  8 of those were the corn muffins. Ugh.

I still haven't added exercise to the regimen on a regular basis.  I could give a thousand reasons, but in the end they really are just excuses.  As I reflected on the day, I thought about my main reason for wanting to lose weight. I'm a 39 year old single mom, never married, and so tired of being alone.  Unfortunately, initial attraction is important, especially to men.  But I would lie if I said it wasn't to me too.  I'm a picky girl. And I can't expect a man to accept me as I am when I'm not willing to do the same. In the mean time, I'm stuck in a vicious cycle.  I eat because I'm lonely. I'm lonely because I eat...

Breakfast: Jimmy Dean Dlite Croissant (8), Banana (0)
Snack: Apple (0)
Lunch: Smart ones sesame chicken (8)
Snack: PB and J Sandwich on Wonder Smart Bread (8)
Dinner: Chicken Divan, salad, skinny ranch, corn muffins (19)
Dessert: Angel food cake 2 slices, strawberries, whipped cream (11)

Total: 54

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