Saturday, January 7, 2012

Getting Better

Well, finally, after a hiatus of about 2 weeks, I was back to work.  Before taking a break, I was suffering from severe anxiety over 'messing up' every dog I touched. I'm not sure what caused the problem, but it was extremely debilitating.  Then along with it came a fear of being bitten.  Again, no reason for it.  It just WAS. For the last week before christmas I found myself unable to finish a dog for one reason or another, and let mom finish them for me. Some of it was time constraints, some were difficult dogs, some were silly things, like fear of cutting the eyebrows off a schnauzer. Go figure.

That horrible streak finally came to an end yesterday.  Although my dogs still took 2 hours each, and they weren't what I would call perfect by any means, they were done, they were clean, neat, and completed by me. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures because I was more focused on relaxing and getting the job done. But for the first time in about a month, I was relaxed and enjoying what I did.  I'm sure hoping to have broken that horrible streak of anxiety and lack of confidence!

As for the diet, well....  Okay, still struggling with the whole shake thing. The ViSalus powder came in the mail and I started back on them yesterday.  But last night at my birthday party, I ate more than I should have.  But considering the shakes are only about 350 cals each, and I had them for two meals, I should still have had a fairly low intake based on weight watchers points.  (Though I haven't put them in yet)

I also need to add exercise in some form or another to my regimen.   Not just for weight loss, but also to help with the depression I've been feeling.  I saw the doctor yesterday and he increased my medication.  The fact that I'm actually writing today shows me that it's already working.  *Insert sigh of relief here*

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