Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 1, Visalus

After one day on Visalus, I got up this morning and weighed. I was delighted to find that I lost 3 lbs yesterday, though keep in mind I lost 6 in the first 3 days on weight watchers.  I just tend to be one of those people that starts off losing a large amount of weight in the first two weeks, then plateau quickly.  I promised to give this a try for a month to encourage a friend who is having a difficult time. I haven't decided whether I'll continue after that month, but we will see.

So this morning the scale read 288.2 lbs.  That equals a 10 lb weight loss in 5 days!  Thats the way I wanted to start the day.  Hopefully it will end well too. I have my first date in a year and a half this evening.  Keep your fingers crossed that I don't embarrass myself too terribly!

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