Thursday, August 2, 2012

Success in the face of defeat!

It has been a wonderful week.  I started off on July 22 of this year at 311 lbs.  Today, at my official BodyBugg weigh in, I am down to 292.8.  I have lost 18 lbs in just over 1 week.  Yes I know it's mostly water weight, but I'm still thrilled.

Now for the hard stuff:

I started a new job on the 16th.  Wonderful job, good pay, what's the problem.  Well, the problem is, I'd forgotten that I wont get my first paycheck until August 20th.  WHAT?!?!?!?!?  Yeah, the bills are coming due, and I'm scrambling.  I worry that I'll have to eat whatever I can afford and that it will have a negative impact on my weight loss.  Worse yet, I'm worried about things being cut off due to nonpayment until I can get this sorted out.  I'm scrambling to find ways to not be late on bills. Hopefully the bank will call soon and say that they will refinance the car for me. I'm currently paying 21% interest with a high risk lender, so after 1 1/2 years of this, maybe it will turn out even better than if I hadn't run into this hiccup, but time will tell. RING, phone, RING darn it!

Regardless, I'm not giving up on this journey. I'm using it as fuel. Maybe the nervous energy will help me burn more calories as I pace the floors, and fingernails shouldn't have any calories, since I'm just chewing them off and spitting them out!  So far, I have managed to still maintain my calorie deficit and not resort to binge eating, which is SO my M.O.!  So I am considering this a victory for now.

Next week, I have to go stay in a hotel out of town for training classes.  If the room has a microwave and fridge, I'll be preparing something to eat to take so that I 1. save money, and 2. can control my calorie intake.  I've already found that planning ahead makes me the most successful.  Now...what to make and take with me? Any ideas?

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